Welcome to the website of Sarah G. Hyatt, CSB.  I am a practitioner of Christian Science healing and an authorized Teacher of Christian Science.   On these pages you may find information about requesting Christian Science treatment or inquiring about class instruction.   Members of my Christian Science Students’ Association may log in to access pages dedicated to our Association.

For those interested in archived articles and audio chats that I have done for the Christian Science periodicals and on www.spirituality.com, there is a page with listings of past articles/chats and links where available.  (Note: articles that were on spirituality.com can now be found on the new subscription website www.jsh-online.com.  Many of the links listed on my published articles page have expired because of the move; but the articles, Sentinel radio programs and podcasts can be located by a title search on jsh-online.)

All the work that I do is based on the practice of the spiritual laws of God as found in the Bible and explained by Mary Baker Eddy in her textbook on Christian Science, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Please feel free to use the CONTACT ME page with any questions or comments.